Saturday, July 6, 2013

Home Remedies for Acne

This is the most common disease in the teen-age group, which may persist into adulthood. They should be treated as and when they appear on the face. Factors to be avoided that aggravate acne are emotions, high temperature, humidity, nylon and silk garments, greasy cosmetics (which block the skin pores and promote acne) . Foods aggravating acne to be avoided are chocolates, nuts, fried and fatty food, butter, ghee, pastries etc. Acne is associated with increased production of hormones. It usually appears before menstruation in girls every month. Women taking birth control pills containing the hormone progesterone also suffer from acne. The face should be washed thoroughly and regularly. Instead of soap, wash your face with besan along with raw milk (unboiled) regularly. Rub jaiphal nut with sandal powder and unboiled milk and apply the paste on the acne. Wash after one hour. Do this regularly till you get 100% results. Do not use cosmetics on the face. To keep the pores open light steam should be given on the face after massage. If the acne is not infected, remove blackheads with a blackhead remover. It is cheap and easily available in the market. Sunlight or ultraviolet light causes slight peeling of the skin and helps keep the pores of the skin open. Thus, a person's skin may clear up in the summers. Some sunshine is good for acne. Mashed papaya applied on the face helps clear scars and marks on the skin.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013